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How it works?

Our 1 Minute Application Process


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Provide us with basic information about your business and your mark.


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Review the generated report and take action if needed.

Why run a search for similar marks?

1 in 5 trademark applications gets rejected by USPTO. Trademark search minimizes your chances of application rejection.

Save Time

Save your time by conducting a trademark search before spending days in preparing the application.

Save Money

Save yourself from the hassle of expensive redesigns after finding out you’re violating existing trademarks.

Avoid Rejection

If there’s a high probability of the public mistaking your mark for another already in existence, the USPTO examining attorney rejects your application.

What concerns should I have with my name or logo?

Registering a domain name doesn't automatically give you rights over the matching trademark. You can only gain this right by registering your domain name as a trademark.

You will only be able to register a domain name if it hasn't already been used by someone else. Avoid registering a domain name that uses or is similar to a competitor's brand name or trademark, as this can lead to disputes.

In most cases, trademarking a domain name can help protect your business' identity, reputation and profit.


Comprehensive Trademark Search

  • What is Trademark Search Report?

    A Trademark Search Report is a comprehensive report that includes results related to a trademark search. It's useful for individuals or companies that want to register a trademark and need to know everything about availability, similar marks, and other information before they submit an application.

  • Why is a Trademark Search important?
  • What if someone is already using a similar mark?
  • Should you conduct a Trademark Search?
  • How much does Trademark Search cost?

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